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          ???? 中文站?? | English?? Welcome to Zhanjiang?Xiashan?Sengka?Rubber?&?Plastic?Products?Co.,ltd


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          Online Service : ????hotline:0759-2770999 ????Mail box: 2911033627@qq.com

          Company address:Company address: No. 34, Airport Road, Xiashan District, Zhanjiang, Guangdong , China

          Zhanjiang Xiashan Xinjia Rubber & Plastic Co. Ltd,a leading and professional latex products manufacturers in Southern China, was established in 2001. It has passed the Certificate of ISO9001 International Quality System. The company mainly engaged in latex products of the research and development, production and sales. After years of development, the products are widely used in gym sports, leisure fitness equipment, sports training equipment, medical uses, toys, high elastic clothing and so on...

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